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Sex is, thanks to the internet, a more accessible pleasure than ever. Traditional linking strategies have been totally altered with the arrival of applications and websites that have left behind the typical nightclubs in nightclubs, yes, but the changes go further. The sex business is also very different today because in the network we can find not only places that are dedicated to this but also enjoy the best escorts

Escorts are considered to be something like luxury escorts. However, this does not fit reality. At first, the escorts emerged as, literally, company ladies who attended events and events accompanying wealthy people who could pay the cost of those services. These men were not looking for a woman with whom to practice sex but an intelligent and very attractive girl, capable of having conversations and of integrating into the social environment in which they would accompany them. These women were also hired as a method to deal with loneliness, being able to accompany them to a dinner or to the cinema and offer them an interesting talk, because the escorts are, as a general rule, trained women who decide to work on their own agreement, to dedicate themselves to this business.


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